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"Toy" (1987) 12" b/w "Make My Day"/"I, The Jury" (In Tape)

"Bang" (1988) 12" b/w "Sick At Heart"/"Naked Bang" (RoughTrade)

"Too Many Shadows" (1988) 12" b/w "I See Danger"/"Things That Linger" (Rough Trade)

"Here I Hide" (1988) b/w "Pale Fire"/"Come" (Profumo)

"Blood From A Stone" (1989) b/w "Cry Hard Cry Fast"/"Smothered" (Profumo)

***PROFUMO was The Heart Throbs' label. they released a pair of singles on it before signing to One Little Indian in the spring or summer of 1989. They had been offered an album deal by Rough Trade but opted instead to wait 'cos the deal was somewhat low on money for the band. On the second Profumo 12" ("Blood From A Stone"), Alan Borgia (credited as Barclay on "Cleopatra Grip" and on some early press reports of the band) joined.

"I Wonder Why" (1990) b/w "Big Commotion"/"Clear As A Bell" CD single adds "Pale Fire", "Clear" is the 7" b side (OLI)

Dreamtime Cover"Dreamtime" (1990) b/w "This Man"/"Dreamtime (Mix)"/"I See Danger" (OLI)...flipside on the 7" is the remix. There's a US CD promo version on Elektra records that omits the remix and includes an extremely rare and otherwise unavailable mix of "White Laughter (Alpha Angel)" which sounds acoustic. "I See Danger" is a different version on this single, sounding not as raw as the original version.

***There are LIVE versions of "I See Danger" & "Big Commotion" on Too Pure's first ever release ("Now That's Disgusting Music-Live At The Sausage Machine)"

"Total Abandon" (1991) EP "Turn Away (edit)"/"Pumping (My Heart)"/"Bright Green Day"/"Turn Away (12") (OLI)..."Pumping (My Heart)" was a Patti Smith Group cover. On this EP a new line-up had emerged, with Noko (Luxuria) on bass, and Curve's Steve Monti on drums. they were not intended as full time permanent members, as Mark Side & Rachel Carlotti had left the band late in 1990 during a tense US tour. Stephen Ward wrote me and said that (in 1993) they were travelling the world and seemed happy, despite many reports of tensions within the bands first line-up, consisting of two sisters and two romantically entwined couples. Rose has never told the press what caused the split.

Spongy Thing Cover"Spongy Thing" (1992) EP "Hooligan"/"So Far"/"Laughing & Falling"/"Kiss Me When I'm Starving (Mastodon Mix)" (OLI)..."Kiss Me" was remixed to a 6 minute track, but was in no way damaged, and if anything, improved.

"She's In A Trance-Mutations" (1992) EP (12" only) "She's In A Trance (Extended Remix)"/
"Kiss Me When I'm Starving (Remix)"/"ArcadiaToss"/ "Dreamtime (Hannett Toad Remix)" (OLI)...a US promo (also by Elektra, but released in 1990) had been released containing all 3 mixes of "She's In A Trance"-including the one on the other "She's In A Trance" EP. somewhat of an oddity, as the song had been 2 years old, but it's popularity in dance clubs was probably thereason for it's single issue. the remix of "kiss me" provides the most radically different version, a bouncy acoustic version. "Arcadia Toss" is a dance mix of "Trance" and "Tossed Away"

"She's In A Trance" (1992) b/w "The Girl Became The Stairs (Barefoot)"/"In Vain (Barefoot)"/"She's In Trance (Remix)" (OLI)..the 'barefoot' remixes are acoustic sounding readings. 'in vain' sounds intimate and beautiful in it's stripped down form. 'the girl became the stairs' is classic-a complete reinvention of the LP track with a (?) slight hint of a country pop sound.

"Worser" (1993) b/w "Avalanche"/"We Connect"/"Visionary Song" (OLI) ...the final single (though some catalogs report of a Holland only singlefor "Incense Of You" which may or may not exist). "Worser" was a jarringly angry song, a contemplation of revenge, showing a new side to the Heart Throbs-they had somewhat rewinvented themselves into a more raw, angry band. On this single, they had added Steve 'Bes' Wick on drums and the new bassist was Colleen Browne, who is now one of the driving forces behind the current female fronted line-up of The Pale Saints.

Thanks to Gil Magana for providing this discography sent to him by Stephen of the Heart Throbs.

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