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tplp23cd	cleopatra grip
tplp33cd	jubilee twist
tplp43cd	vertical smile
tplp43cdl	vertical smile (ltd. ed. double cd)
throbsmackedtc.jpg (4854 bytes)LP's
tplp23		cleopatra grip
tplp23sp	cleopatra grip (picture disc)
tplp33		jubilee twist
tplp33sp	jubilee twist (w/ live bonus disc *)
tplp43		vertical smile
Cassette Albums
tplp23c		cleopatra grip
tplp33c		jubilee twist
tplp43c		vertical smile
12" singles
33tp12		i wonder why
39tp12		dreamtime
50tp12		total abandon e.p.
60tp12		spongy thing e.p.
70tp12		she's in a trance
70tp12sp	she's in a trance (gatefold)
80tp12		worser
gripping1t.jpg (4971 bytes)CD Singles
33tp7cd		i wonder why
39tp7cd		dreamtime
50tp7cd		total abandon e.p.
60tp7cd		spongy thing e.p.
70tp7cd		she's in a trance
80tp7cd		worser
7" singles
33tp7		i wonder why
39tp7		dreamtime
60tp7		hooligan
70tp7		she's in a trance

I Wonder Why is also on the One Little Indian Greatest Hits Vol. II.

There is a compilation called "lie to me" which features "Toy 89".

* - This rare LP of Jubilee Twist comes with a live album included from the mixing desk tape at a birmingham concert. Tracks are: [side A] I Wonder Why; Dreamtime; and Tranquilized, Naked & Shy [side B] So Far; She's In A Trance; Here I Hide; and Pumping (My Heart).

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