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throbsmacked2s.jpg (12384 bytes)heartMMpict.jpg (5443 bytes)Britpop/guitarpop group who came out of  Reading in the mid 80s. They would release their first album, Cleopatra Grip, in 1990. Their third and final album, Vertical Smile, was released in 1993 and they played their final UK show on December 8th of that year. A truly magical group is now gone, but will not be forgotten. Key members: vocalist and textwriter Rose Carlotti, keyboard player/composer Stephen Ward (who at some point have gotten married), and guitar player Alan Borgia.

Rose went on to form Angora which became Tom Patrol, and included Rose Carlotti and Steve Beswick from the Heart Throbs. Tom Patrol has dis-banded and Rose's current musical pursuits are unknown. Steve is currently doing something musically.

I am still looking for any additional Heart Throbs information, photos, or media. Of particular interest would be copies of their videos: Dreamtime, She's In a Trance, and Outside (and any others?) plus any unreleased studio or live recordings and the live bonus disc. Please email me with any info.

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